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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Iceman Interviews Review

'I would move heaven, hell, and anything in between to get to you; you wouldn't be safe anywhere if I was mad 'atcha.'

For any of you who have a fascination with serial killers, I highly suggest giving this movie a shot. Most serial killer movies that I have watched have been about these guys who kill for perverted reasons, have mental health issues, possess cannibalistic tendencies or any other various motive. The Iceman was a 'Killer for Hire', linked in with a notorious New Jersey mob family.

Richard 'Iceman' Kuklinski was a killer that was hard to follow. Using multiple methods for expiring his victims, there was little consistency for law enforcement to narrow down and pinpoint the crimes to one individual. From cyanide poisoning (which he is claimed to be one of the most well rounded/educated men in the uses of the substance) knives, guns, hypodermic needles, chainsaw dismemberment, even a crossbow on a random target, just to see if it would work.... Kuklinski earned the name 'Iceman' by the authorities for his habits of freezing the bodies before disposing of them. This would create issues for the medical examiner in determining time of death.

Kuklinski reminds me of a cross between Tony Soprano and Jack Nicholson, looks and persona. During the interviews, you almost want to like him, on the other hand it is stated that if Kuklinski calls you 'friend', your end is near. By the 1980s, Kuklinski was suspected for a list of offenses; Narcotics, Pornography, Arms Dealing, Money Laundering, Hijacking and Contract Killing on a worldwide basis. On December 17, 1986 he was finally arrested in his home.

Again, I want to stress that if you are tired of watching these Hollywood versions of sugarcoating our history of serial killers, and prefer an 'FBI files' type of interview, seeing the actual tapes from inside the prison walls, watch this movie.

Wanted Review

First of all, I have a hard time disliking any movie that stars Angelina Jolie, yes, I have a weakness. However, this film was pretty good on its own, even without her presence. I would say this movie was a cross between The Matrix, Crank, and Tomb Raider. Providing the viewer with the freeze-stop motion moments to the extreme action scenes, you could feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. The soundtrack also assisted in building up the anxiety, much credit on that end as well.

A really cool feature that they wrote into the plot was the ability to 'sling, or curve' bullets. There were a few scenes that were really cool to watch. A movie based upon assassins, the history and background of The Fraternity, and twists and turns throughout the film made it one I would definitely watch again. And, yes, I would recommend it to others as well. Enjoy!