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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Elm Street 2010 Review/Revisit

Ok, this is a follow up on a previous post that I created back on April 8th, 2010 in regards to Elm Street 2010.

I finally watched the movie, and I am starting to realize that more often than not, I am NOT a fan of a lot of these horror remakes. Even if I haven't seen the original, or its just been years since I have, these new releases are just SO corny that it almost pains me to sit through them.

In this specific movie, Freddy doesn't look the same, nor does he sound the same. Anybody from my generation can clearly recognize Freddy's voice and to deviate from the original is nearly sinful.

Basically, this movie just reiderates not to fall asleep or Freddy will be coming for you. You will be struggling in your 'dream' but dying in reality. Not my favorite, the remake almost insults the original. Don't bother wasting your time, unless you are like me, and just have this burning 'need' to torture yourself with bad movies ;)

Piranha 3D Review

So, maybe I thought the original was actually 'scary', but it may also be because I was around 6 when I saw it. However you want to cut it, this movie was just corny. Eh...not worth your time.

Understanding that most horror movies usually contain some sort of pornographic material, this movie takes it to a different level. Spring Break on the lake, and a 'Girls Gone Wild' type porn flick being filmed, is the main story line to this movie. Yeah, so you get to see some skin, boobies bouncing, naked ladies swimming, but just beware you are about to see the fish tear through their flesh like butter.

Overall, you could definitely tell this movie was originally filmed to be viewed in 3D, the lame attempts at making you feel like fish were flying out of your screen into your lap, however, I don't think I would have been effected even if I had seen it in its original format.

With the exception of a few entertaining scenes; the cock floating in the water, you'll understand if you watch, I would suggest passing on this one.