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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nine Dead Review

First impression: 'this is just another Saw spin-off', however, this one is actually worth watching LOL. This is your standard serial killer/psychological thriller, the bad guy holding all the power while the victims remain helpless and to their own ability to solve a problem. The victims are forced to relive all of their worst crimes that they have committed to figure out why they are there. The killer has laid out the rules from the beginning; 'why are you here? I will return every ten minutes, and until you give me the correct answer, I will kill one of you every ten minutes.' So, does he hold true to his word? Will he kill someone every time the victims come up empty with answers?

The movie takes place in one room, with the door opening and closing to the 'outside world.' This film was well crafted and well written, allowing the viewer to try to solve the mystery themselves. My personal opinion, the movie lacked when it came to building suspense and creating high levels of anxiety. Honestly, I loved the opening scenes, the 'preparation' shall we say.... If you are able to go into a movie with an open mind, not comparing every psychological thriller you have ever seen, I recommend seeing this. I hadn't heard many reviews, but it's a great flick to watch on a rainy day or dark Saturday night.


  1. Is this something you'd watch again? Cuz I just might be interested... :)

  2. I would absolutely watch this one again...I already have it lined up to be a permanent addition to our collection :)