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Friday, April 30, 2010

Darkness Falls Review

We have all heard the stories about the Tooth Fairy, place your tooth under your pillow and she won't come if you wait up for her. Well, in this movie, if you look at her, you are going to die....

The movie starts off with Kyle losing his last baby tooth. First of all, he doesn't put it under his pillow, he puts it on his dresser, I've never heard of *that* before.... Anyway, he goes to bed, hears noises and actually sees the Tooth Fairy. A series of events follow and the movie continues. Cut to the future, Kyle is still haunted by his past and is on a cocktail of anti-psychotic medications. His childhood sweetheart comes to him with an issue with her younger brother who seems to be suffering from the same problems Kyle had as a child.

This movie actually had my anxiety level up a few times, grabbing my attention and refusing to let it go. Lacking a complex plot and focusing on a somewhat 'lame' topic, I actually have to give this movie some credit. I enjoyed it and appreciated the edge of your seat moments.

I would also like to add that if you have children and would like to avoid dishing out cash for teeth, have them sit in the dark and watch this movie *snicker*

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