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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ted Bundy Review

Charming, attractive, intelligent and pure manipulative psychopathic killer all wrapped up into one. The product, Ted Bundy. Over the span of five years, Bundy went on a raping/killing spree, starting in Seattle and branching out towards Utah and Colorado. Although Bundy's approach was seemingly less articulated than most other serial killers, he found hundreds of women falling victim to his lure.

This film captures the essence of the sex crazed being that Bundy was, as well as showing how your 'everyday, boy next door' can be the next killer trying to get your attention. With appreciation for the ending of the film, which we all know ends in electrocution, the director gave a great portrayal of how things really go down. However, with the significant amount of people effected by Bundy's crimes, I was surprised to see how small the viewing room was for the execution. (I will have to do more research beyond the movie to find out the statistics revolving around this information)

Not a 'B' movie by far, however, not a movie you would expect to view on the big screen. I have every intention of adding this film to my own personal library, and I feel that if this is your sort of flick, definitely check it out.

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