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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Elm Street 2010 Review/Revisit

Ok, this is a follow up on a previous post that I created back on April 8th, 2010 in regards to Elm Street 2010.

I finally watched the movie, and I am starting to realize that more often than not, I am NOT a fan of a lot of these horror remakes. Even if I haven't seen the original, or its just been years since I have, these new releases are just SO corny that it almost pains me to sit through them.

In this specific movie, Freddy doesn't look the same, nor does he sound the same. Anybody from my generation can clearly recognize Freddy's voice and to deviate from the original is nearly sinful.

Basically, this movie just reiderates not to fall asleep or Freddy will be coming for you. You will be struggling in your 'dream' but dying in reality. Not my favorite, the remake almost insults the original. Don't bother wasting your time, unless you are like me, and just have this burning 'need' to torture yourself with bad movies ;)

Piranha 3D Review

So, maybe I thought the original was actually 'scary', but it may also be because I was around 6 when I saw it. However you want to cut it, this movie was just corny. Eh...not worth your time.

Understanding that most horror movies usually contain some sort of pornographic material, this movie takes it to a different level. Spring Break on the lake, and a 'Girls Gone Wild' type porn flick being filmed, is the main story line to this movie. Yeah, so you get to see some skin, boobies bouncing, naked ladies swimming, but just beware you are about to see the fish tear through their flesh like butter.

Overall, you could definitely tell this movie was originally filmed to be viewed in 3D, the lame attempts at making you feel like fish were flying out of your screen into your lap, however, I don't think I would have been effected even if I had seen it in its original format.

With the exception of a few entertaining scenes; the cock floating in the water, you'll understand if you watch, I would suggest passing on this one.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Brothers Review

Where to begin with this review? A great cast, in my opinion, some eye candy for the ladies and the gents ;) My personal favorite of the trio would be Grace Cahill, played by Natalie Portman, not only for her good looks but also for her convincing role as the grieving wife. Opposite Natalie is Capt. Sam Cahill, played by Tobey Maguire. Tobey was looking rather scrawny in this flick, granted he isn't a big guy, but he definitely looked like he went through the worst human experience any of us could imagine ie POW.

Capt. Sam Cahill receives his orders to do another tour in Afghanistan with his men, against the wishes of his two daughters, it's his duty and he must go. As the family sits down to wish him a farewell, they are also welcoming back his brother, Tommy Cahill, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who has just been released from prison.

I don't know how anyone would be able to watch this movie and not get a little teary-eyed. I get that some people may be 'over' the war movies, especially the ones that are based around the Iraq war and Afghanistan, but we *still* have troops over there and we can't forget that even though Hollywood has its own perception of what's really going on, it's still happening. I personally love war/military movies. If you like a military/tear jerker movie, I highly recommend it, it's not as 'boring' as some reviews have said, I promise :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Precious Review

'Life is hard. Life is short. Life is painful. Life is rich. Life is....Precious.'
I have seen this movie a few times now, and each time it yanks at my heart. Precious, unable to read, stuck in Harlem with her abusive mother, is offered the chance to go to an alternative school when she is expelled from her regular high school. The constant verbal and physical abuse inflicted by her mother leaves her in a constant mental state of discontent.
Precious finds out she is pregnant with her second child, her first was born with Down Syndrom and is being raised by her grandmother. Precious has endured a lifetime of sexual abuse from her mother's boyfriend, who also happens to be her own father.
The trials that this young girl faces in such a condensed period of her life is truly terrifying. The personal aches and pains that she is presented with, along with the outside pressure from society to be something that she will probably never be capable of achieving.
I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who has a heart, and also a strong stomach for some of the scenes that will appear on your screen. A well written and well directed/cast film. I can honestly see why this movie earned so many awards.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Iceman Interviews Review

'I would move heaven, hell, and anything in between to get to you; you wouldn't be safe anywhere if I was mad 'atcha.'

For any of you who have a fascination with serial killers, I highly suggest giving this movie a shot. Most serial killer movies that I have watched have been about these guys who kill for perverted reasons, have mental health issues, possess cannibalistic tendencies or any other various motive. The Iceman was a 'Killer for Hire', linked in with a notorious New Jersey mob family.

Richard 'Iceman' Kuklinski was a killer that was hard to follow. Using multiple methods for expiring his victims, there was little consistency for law enforcement to narrow down and pinpoint the crimes to one individual. From cyanide poisoning (which he is claimed to be one of the most well rounded/educated men in the uses of the substance) knives, guns, hypodermic needles, chainsaw dismemberment, even a crossbow on a random target, just to see if it would work.... Kuklinski earned the name 'Iceman' by the authorities for his habits of freezing the bodies before disposing of them. This would create issues for the medical examiner in determining time of death.

Kuklinski reminds me of a cross between Tony Soprano and Jack Nicholson, looks and persona. During the interviews, you almost want to like him, on the other hand it is stated that if Kuklinski calls you 'friend', your end is near. By the 1980s, Kuklinski was suspected for a list of offenses; Narcotics, Pornography, Arms Dealing, Money Laundering, Hijacking and Contract Killing on a worldwide basis. On December 17, 1986 he was finally arrested in his home.

Again, I want to stress that if you are tired of watching these Hollywood versions of sugarcoating our history of serial killers, and prefer an 'FBI files' type of interview, seeing the actual tapes from inside the prison walls, watch this movie.

Wanted Review

First of all, I have a hard time disliking any movie that stars Angelina Jolie, yes, I have a weakness. However, this film was pretty good on its own, even without her presence. I would say this movie was a cross between The Matrix, Crank, and Tomb Raider. Providing the viewer with the freeze-stop motion moments to the extreme action scenes, you could feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. The soundtrack also assisted in building up the anxiety, much credit on that end as well.

A really cool feature that they wrote into the plot was the ability to 'sling, or curve' bullets. There were a few scenes that were really cool to watch. A movie based upon assassins, the history and background of The Fraternity, and twists and turns throughout the film made it one I would definitely watch again. And, yes, I would recommend it to others as well. Enjoy!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Darkness Falls Review

We have all heard the stories about the Tooth Fairy, place your tooth under your pillow and she won't come if you wait up for her. Well, in this movie, if you look at her, you are going to die....

The movie starts off with Kyle losing his last baby tooth. First of all, he doesn't put it under his pillow, he puts it on his dresser, I've never heard of *that* before.... Anyway, he goes to bed, hears noises and actually sees the Tooth Fairy. A series of events follow and the movie continues. Cut to the future, Kyle is still haunted by his past and is on a cocktail of anti-psychotic medications. His childhood sweetheart comes to him with an issue with her younger brother who seems to be suffering from the same problems Kyle had as a child.

This movie actually had my anxiety level up a few times, grabbing my attention and refusing to let it go. Lacking a complex plot and focusing on a somewhat 'lame' topic, I actually have to give this movie some credit. I enjoyed it and appreciated the edge of your seat moments.

I would also like to add that if you have children and would like to avoid dishing out cash for teeth, have them sit in the dark and watch this movie *snicker*

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Masters of Horror: Don Coscarelli: Incident On and Off a Mountain Road

"The eyes see all evil, all the evil in the world"

In this movie, you have the guy and you have the girl. Guy decides to teach girl how to defend herself; setting booby traps, shooting a gun, handling a knife, etc. They are now living out in the woods and he tells her that if she were ever to be attacked by a crazy person, that the trick is to act more crazy than they are, therefore causing them to run away....

Car breaks down, girl encounters crazy person and the chase begins. The story line moves along a little too quickly in the areas that should have been prolonged, and the parts that didn't mean much, those took forever. For an hour film, I guess there is only so much you can squeeze in...but come on, where was the editor?

I'm not a huge fan of the monster/supernatural type of stuff, I prefer psychological thrillers, something that will really get into my head. I will give this movie credit for the drill press idea, but that's about all I can really say for it. I wasn't a huge fan nor would I recommend anyone else wasting their time with this one.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nine Dead Review

First impression: 'this is just another Saw spin-off', however, this one is actually worth watching LOL. This is your standard serial killer/psychological thriller, the bad guy holding all the power while the victims remain helpless and to their own ability to solve a problem. The victims are forced to relive all of their worst crimes that they have committed to figure out why they are there. The killer has laid out the rules from the beginning; 'why are you here? I will return every ten minutes, and until you give me the correct answer, I will kill one of you every ten minutes.' So, does he hold true to his word? Will he kill someone every time the victims come up empty with answers?

The movie takes place in one room, with the door opening and closing to the 'outside world.' This film was well crafted and well written, allowing the viewer to try to solve the mystery themselves. My personal opinion, the movie lacked when it came to building suspense and creating high levels of anxiety. Honestly, I loved the opening scenes, the 'preparation' shall we say.... If you are able to go into a movie with an open mind, not comparing every psychological thriller you have ever seen, I recommend seeing this. I hadn't heard many reviews, but it's a great flick to watch on a rainy day or dark Saturday night.

Ted Bundy Review

Charming, attractive, intelligent and pure manipulative psychopathic killer all wrapped up into one. The product, Ted Bundy. Over the span of five years, Bundy went on a raping/killing spree, starting in Seattle and branching out towards Utah and Colorado. Although Bundy's approach was seemingly less articulated than most other serial killers, he found hundreds of women falling victim to his lure.

This film captures the essence of the sex crazed being that Bundy was, as well as showing how your 'everyday, boy next door' can be the next killer trying to get your attention. With appreciation for the ending of the film, which we all know ends in electrocution, the director gave a great portrayal of how things really go down. However, with the significant amount of people effected by Bundy's crimes, I was surprised to see how small the viewing room was for the execution. (I will have to do more research beyond the movie to find out the statistics revolving around this information)

Not a 'B' movie by far, however, not a movie you would expect to view on the big screen. I have every intention of adding this film to my own personal library, and I feel that if this is your sort of flick, definitely check it out.

Gacy Review

This is the story of John Wayne Gacy, one of the most famous serial killers of our time. Having made contact with over 2000 boys, 29 found in the basement of his home and 4 more in the river bottom, this man was truly disturbed.

Being a well-known, well-liked guy in his neighborhood, Gacy was the guy to go to for entertainment for childrens' parties where he would dress up in his clown attire. He lead a 'normal' life, living with his wife, mother and two daughters...ok, so maybe living with his mother was a little off ;)

Gacy would cruise the streets and his own employees as bait for his next attack. Luring them in and then pouncing when they weren't expecting it. This film is fairly discreet on the detail shown to the viewer, however, we all know what is going to happen. I, personally, prefer to see the gory stuff, but I'm guessing the general public would just assume leave it to the imagination, or not at all.

I was definitely a fan of this film, the casting/acting was believable as was the accurate story line. Like I said before, a little more visual detail would have been appreciated, but overall a good flick.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Benny and Joon Review

I cannot praise this movie enough. Absolutely, positively, one of my all time favorites. The interaction amongst the cast is so convincing, causing you to fall in love with each and everyone of them. Johnny Depp was the *perfect* choice to play Sam, quirky and entertaining, he will pull at your heart strings and make your heart smile.

If you have not had the fortune of seeing this movie, please, please, please see it. You will never look at dinner rolls the same :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Busted Review

This movie feels like something you would be forced to watch in an educational setting. But, in saying this, it really is an educational tool that could save your ass.

The movie is broken down into three major sections. Getting pulled over, waiting for a bus, and having the cops bust a house party. I don't know about you, but everyone I know has been in at least one of these scenarios as least once.

The movie focuses on the most important of the Bill of Rights: 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments. If you aren't aware of what these are:
4th-the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated.
5th-No person shall be...compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law...
6th-In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to...have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.

If you aren't interested in this type of film, just learn the above three amendments, and you should be ok. However, if you decide to watch the film, you may actually learn something that could get you out of a sticky situation, especially if you have anything in your vehicle, or on your person, that may not be legal ;)

With a running time of only 45 minutes, it's definitely worth checking out. I don't know about you, but I would much rather get a ticket than be issued a lovely pair of silver bracelets....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pride & Glory Review

"Becoming a cop, the pledge we took to uphold something honest. We let it all rot from under us. I was a good man once."

Another movie about shady cops. This movie focuses on the dirty side of being a cop in NY. Cops selling of their badges to the highest bidder for hits, playing out on the streets for drug money, and inevitably, putting fellow officers in the line of danger.

I am a huge fan of both Edward Norton and Colin Farrell, so I found this movie highly entertaining. If you like movies that include the corruption of our justice system, this is definitely a movie for you to view. Enjoy :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cannibal Review

"I want nothing to remain of me..."

Here is a film based on the true story of Armin Meiwes, a cannibal from Germany. With minimal dialogue from beginning to end, the story doesn't leave anything to the imagination. Providing a great setting to get into your head and rattle things around, this is also NOT a movie you want to watch if you have a weak stomach.

You may want to do a little research on Meiwes before watching this film, considering it begins and ends with the 'guts' of the story and doesn't provide much background. Meiwes went searching for a volunteer victim via the internet and was able to find someone willing to fulfill his fantasy, Bernd-Jurgen Brandes.

If you have any desire or interest in seeking the inner workings of a cannibalistic mind, you should definitely view this. With a running time of just under 90 minutes, it won't consume your entire day. I strongly recommend this movie to all of the twisted minds out there, enjoy ;)

Here is a link to the history of this event: Armin Meiwes (fyi, this movie runs 48 minutes...but worth watching before the film)

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Dark Knight Review

'Madness, as you know is like gravity. All it takes is a little push'.

In your typical superhero flick, we encounter the stereotypical "Good vs Evil" dilemma. On one hand we have Batman, lacking super powers of any kind but indulging himself in the extremest of high priced toys. With a need to conceal his true human identity, he has chosen to disguise his voice. I honestly wasn't a fan of the voice he was given in this film, all around horrible.

On the other hand, they could not have cast a better actor to play the part of the Joker. Heath Ledger gave an amazing performance from beginning to end. My favorite line of his; 'Wanna see a magic trick? Watch while I make this pencil disappear'.... Ah, so clever :) I also enjoyed the 'social experiments' he conducted, forcing us as a human race to decide what's right and wrong, whose lives are more highly valued.

From the filming to the acting, my attention was captivated for the entire 144 minutes. The camera action was great, from the upside-down camera shots to the 360 degree action scenes. Considering the length of the movie, the suspense never dissipated. The pyrotechnics were incredible as were the sound effects. I think by this point most of us have already seen this movie, but if you haven't, you absolutely should.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Menace II Society Review

"We went into the store to get a beer and I walked out an accessory to murder and armed robbery."

I am still unsure as to how this movie slipped through the cracks for me all these years. Although this film is now 17 years old, I would still recommend seeing it if you haven't. Even if you have, why not dig up a copy somewhere and pop it in the DVD player, or better yet, the VHS if that's the version you have. A 'classic' depending on your preference of movies, but definitely one to be seen.

Touching upon family values and life on the street, you begin to build a bond with these characters. You want them to succeed and you close your eyes when you think something bad may occur. A well directed, well cast film with incredible acting set the stage for this to be an instant addition to my library.

See it if you haven't....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rampo Noir Review

This movie is a compilation of 4 short films:

Mars Canal-A silent film, complete silence until the end. Running time is only 7 minutes so it's worth watching. Amazing film work with 'flickering' scenes.

Mirror Hell- This film definitely captivated my attention. Mirrors, mirrors everywhere. The mirror placement and the angle of the camera made for some incredible shots. I was particularly fond of the craftsmanship of the hand mirrors, very impressive and interesting how it's done.

Caterpillar- My opinion, the most twisted of the 4 films. This story is based on a war hero who returns home with no limbs, no ability to speak or hear, just his eyesight. His wife decides that she doesn't want to be a war hero's wife, so she starts to torture him. The sound effects are spot on in this film, no doubt.

Crawling Bugs- I was resisting the urge to scratch during this film. The story revolves around an actress and her driver. The driver has a phobia and 'allergic' reaction to any human interaction. He gets around people and he begins to scratch uncontrollably. He forms an obsession with the actress and decides to take her home with him, and the story goes from there....
I loved the theme music on this one, it reminded me a lot of the Sex and the City theme song, got a little chuckle out of me ;)

Overall, the color contrast, sound effects and camera use in this movie was incredible. You could watch the entire thing on silent (which it's all subtitled anyway) and fully appreciate the beauty of the film work. If you don't mind slightly twisted, bloody entertainment, and also having to read subtitles, go ahead and give this a go, it's worth it.

Teeth Review

I wasn't so sure about this movie at the beginning, all the talk about purity. The abstinence 'ring', to remind you to keep your gift wrapped. I definitely didn't know what to expect for the remainder of the movie...but I continued through. As the movie went on, it got a lot better. I had quite a few laughs that I wasn't expecting.

I can't really give too much information without giving away any spoilers, but if you are up for a slightly twisted, yet entertaining film, this would be a good one to choose. Just make sure there aren't any children around ;)

Romper Stomper Review

Please, Please, Please do not waste your time watching this movie....It took every ounce of energy I had to stay awake and to remain focused on the movie. Ok, granted this was the 5th movie in a row I have watched today, but really, it sucked. The movie never gives you the chance to get to 'know' any of the characters, so you never form any sort of emotional bond with them. When there is no bond with a character, there is a lack of suspense.

I will say, however, that there were two things in the movie that grabbed my attention momentarily. Hando (played by Russel Crowe has an incredible tattoo on his left arm that I found to be rather intriguing. The other thing, was a scene where the gang of guys were demolishing a car...I have always wanted to take a baseball bat to a windshield and jump on a car, not sure for what reason, but yeah. LOL

There you have it, don't waste your time. OH! the soundtrack is horrible, so not a fan.

The Hills Have Eyes Review

Radiation: friend or foe?

Here is your 'average' family, joined together on a road trip to San Diego. Along the way, they encounter a few, shall we say, 'not so minor' roadblocks. The 'people' who inhibit the hills, where they now sit and wait, were effected by nuclear bombs years before. They have been mutated and corrupted due to this misfortune. With exhaustion setting in, this family is in for an adventure....

This movie has the perfect combination of all features a horror movie should contain. From the desert setting, to provide a feeling of abandonment and echoing fear, to the camera angles, inconsistent camera stability and the sound effects. This is truly one of my top movies to watch when you just want to indulge in a disturbingly grotesque film. I strongly recommend viewing this one, over and over and over....

...that poor bird...

Spun Review

This is your typical 'tweaker' movie. Your dealer consumes so much of his supply that he loses sight of where he put it, he goes looking and in the process becomes more paranoid. Ross (played by Jason Schwartzman) gets hired as a driver for The Cook (played by Mickey Rourke). As the movie moves along, bump after bump is consumed. The more Ross does, and the longer he is awake, the more demonic and dark his trips become. At one point he is so out of his mind that he is convinced that he 'needs' to keep April tied to his bed his is apartment.

The filmography is similar to that of Requiem for a Dream in regards to the projected experience of getting high, differentiating mostly in it's more animated portrayal.

I would say this is a decent movie, I wouldn't tell you to go out and buy it, but it's worth a rental, or hell, just borrow it from a friend and save your money. Enjoy ;)

Tigerland Review

Welcome to Tigerland, the second worse place on Earth. Tigerland is the US Army's stateside version of Vietnam, utilized for soldier training before shipping out. This movie focuses on the moral battles that soldiers face towards inflicting harm upon another human being. Revealing the means by which some individuals try to seek a discharge from the armed forces, mental instability, hardship, or personal injury which would prevent them from performing their duties as a soldier.

The shaky camera does make the film difficult to watch during some scenes, however it does add to the realism of the plot. A 'B' film most definitely, but a movie that deserved more attention then it got. Starring Colin Farrell, as Pvt. Roland Bozz, he takes on the role as 'Platoon Sgt.' In this role, he acts as the 'go to' guy for all of the other's needs. When anyone wishes to get out of the military, he will try to help them find a way. He doesn't do anything against the rules, he just *knows* the rules (UCMJ) well enough to help the guys read between the lines.

One of my favorite movies, a different perspective on the war as it all takes place on US territory. If you enjoy war movies, this is a good one. If you have ever served, I guarantee you have met a guy like Bozz before, you will either love him or hate him.

The Devil's Rejects Review

Let me just start off by saying that this was one of the better suspense/serial killer movies I have seen in quite some time. I am ashamed to say that it has taken me this long to get around to viewing it. The freeze-frame style filmography was great, an excellent way to capture your attention in multiple ways.

The plot is basically a story of revenge set into motion. The Texas sheriff decides to seek revenge upon the Firefly family for the death of his brother. Since his death, there have been several more murders that have occurred. The news reel describes the events as "The most horrific crime scene since Jack the Ripper stalked the streets of London". This is definitely proven true on many occasions throughout the movie. From the mack truck to the 'digging of the buried weapons', Otis is held truthful to his statement when he says,'I am the Devil, and I am here to do the Devil's work.'

An amazing soundtrack consisting of classic rock hits, setting the mood that 'everything is just peachy', however unlikely that is to believe. A great ending, which seem to be extremely hard to come by these days. If you saw House of 1,000 Corpses, you can understand the brilliance behind Rob Zombie's ability to write and direct an incredible film. I strongly recommend seeing this movie, it will definitely be added to my favorites ;)

Happy Viewing....

Movie Marathon

...and it begins!!! 5am on the west coast and I will be awake for the next 24 hours engaging myself in a 24 hour movie marathon. I will be reviewing all movies viewed. Have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clash of the Titans 3D

I've been reading a lot of reviews on this movie and have yet to come across anything supporting this flick. Apparently, it has been suggested to wait until dvd and take it home with you...cheaper than walking out on a movie. From what I've heard, the 3D quality is really bad and almost nauseating in the theater. I haven't seen it yet, but just wanted to throw this out there to anyone who was planning on seeing it, I would say go for 2D....

(Oh, and just for the record, these reviews are NOT from the critics, they are from avid movie watchers such as myself. )

Burn After Reading Review

Okay, I know most of you have probably already seen this movie if it was one you were wanting to see. Let me just say it was hilarious. Spewing with wit and satire, this was a great flick. I hate to admit, but Chad Feldheimer (played by Brad Pitt) was by far my favorite character. The scene with him in the car darting his eyeballs had me literally busting a gut, hilarious. Another prime performance was Linda Litzke (played by Frances McDormand) providing the audience with a quirky, off the wall character who has an interesting mission set before her.

I would absolutely recommend this movie to anyone who ever sits down and hits 'power' on their television set. An hour and a half of your time, and your abs will feel like they got a workout after laughing so hard.

Have you already seen this movie? What were your thoughts? Did you find it as hilarious as I did?

Elm Street 2010

I just saw this trailer again for the new remake of Nightmare on Elm Street...I am soooooo going to see this :) It releases on April 30th, reviews to come.

click the link below to view trailer:

Elm Street 2010

Is this a series that you also grew up watching? Will you go see the remake or are you more a fan of the original film?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Streets of Blood Review

Starring Val Kilmer and 50 Cent, a police drama portraying the crime that follows a disastrous natural disaster. After Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans, death and crime hit the streets harder than ever. A story about dirty cops trying to do right by the department standards, and the frequent butting in by the FBI and DEA, everyone is out to cover their own ass.

Throughout the abandoned streets and condemned buildings, drugs and money are in demand. With lots of fire power and lack of second thoughts of pulling a trigger, blood shed appears all around.

When the DA goes up against the PD things start getting heated. The handful of dirty cops are more interested in keeping their power on the streets and 'getting their rocks off', than they are following the law.

A great movie, action filled and a decent story line, you should either get it on NetFlix or pick it up the next time you are at your local video store ;)

Annapolis Review

Watching this movie, I had a question that lingered all the way this movie about the Naval Academy or is it about some boxing match?

The military/bootcamp content was relatively accurate; uniforms, acting was fairly convincing, considering the lack of true Naval experience. The cast was well chosen, and made it easy to differentiate between the characters you wanted to love and the ones you wanted to hate. Of course, no movie is complete without some sort of love story attached to it, the match-up was also well chosen.

All things considered, whether you are interested in watching a movie based upon the military, boxing, or an underdog story, I would recommend the movie. It's relatively light, minus a few scenes that may cause you to turn your head. It may not be one that everyone would want to own, but I definitely think it's a film that should be seen.

Have you seen this movie? What were your thoughts and opinions?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dahmer Review

Okay, so maybe this isn't a movie most people would pick out of the millions of movies swarming around, but if you have any interest in serial killer movies this one was pretty decent. The movie starts off with Jeffrey Dahmer (played by actor Jeremy Renner, better known for his performance in The Hurt Locker) working in a chocolate factory. They portray him as an ordinary guy with an underlying creepiness. Dahmer has a sick and twisted infatuation with 'playing God'. He likes to bring his victims to the brink of death and then revive them. They show a recap of his days cruising the bars; drugging and raping his victims.

Throughout the movie, Dahmer has frequent flashbacks of what brought him to where he currently resides in his head, so it's almost like watching two movies at once. The movie captures the essence of what made Dahmer the iconic symbol he has become in our culture, however they do not show to the malicious degree the horrible acts he committed. This movie was definitely made for the viewers on an entertainment level and not so much for educational value. I found the acting to be quite convincing, with Renner never losing sight of his character.

As with most movies, the ending never seems to live up to one's expectations. With just the right amount of twisted encounters and convincing creepiness, I would absolutely recommend this movie to anyone that has an interest in Hollywood's portrayals of serial killers.

Do you know of any other movies that would categorize in this genre that would also be worth viewing?

The Ghost Writer Review

(I got impatient and couldn't wait until this weekend to start reviewing movies....oops)

(this is a link to the book; the movie has not been released on DVD yet as it is still in theaters)

Altogether a decent movie. The movie starts out by jumping right into the story, searching for a suspenseful journey indulging into a conspiracy, however coming up short. I found the movie to gain suspense a few times throughout the film, but the subtle, British humor that was thrown in acted more as a distraction than an addition to the plot.

I found this movie to be rather predictable, maybe due to the acting? The wrap up definitely could have packed a little more punch, but it almost seemed like the just needed to find a way to end the story.

So, I would say it's a movie worth seeing. The jokes throughout the movie were quite entertaining, but if you are looking for a suspense thriller, this wouldn't add up. My advise, wait 'til it's released on DVD and take it home :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

and its showtime....

Ok, so this is where I plan on force feeding my views and opinions about the movies/tv series that I digest while ingesting my favorite 'brain food', popcorn. Considering I have lots of time on my hands these days, I felt it would be a more productive use of my time to write about what I am watching. My movie library covers almost every genre and is in the area of about 700 titles. I feel profound guilt that I have not watched all of them. I am a movie addict and I tend to reach out for quantity over quality. This is the fuel to my fire to direct you in any way I can to stay clear of the 'waste of time' movies, which there are far too many.

I will not write too much right now, for I am planning a kick off to my blog next weekend. I will be hosting my very own, solo movie marathon starting at 5am PST, Saturday, April 10th, ending at 5am, Sunday, April 11th. I will have everything posted by midnight, April 11th. Let's hope I can stay awake long enough to consume 24 hours of movie extravaganza!